ouhh , hey hey (!) da 2 hri ta post blog lah , hee busy sket . hri ni jlan kaki sparoh jln jea , haha . couse uncle opie amek :) tade lah penad sngt . ehh , nak denga sajak tak ? pika buwat . HAHA , jap jap bce kat bawa neh (!)

* read and fell what my heart says to you ツ
that only you i
when you laugh , i will smile always ,
when you crying , i will join cry too ,
when yo are sick , i will take care of you every second !
i cannot promise that i will with you ,
but i still can LOVE you as long as i can
only GOD know how long i can LOVE you .
you are mine and i belong with you (!)
that should be me in your heart ツ

p/s : die buwat sndri lah :) hee , best jugak kn , jgan na copy and paste plak (!)